Playing with 'funky horn pioneers' Maceo Parker & PeeWee Ellis (James Brown) 
and my passion for groove performanceinspired me to create...

For years playing both jazz & funk, I've recognised a need for a learning platform that brings the two styles even closer together. 
           Inside, I can't wait to share wi
th you my passion for groove trombone! 
Dennis Rollins - MBE 

Courses in jazz & funk for all  bone players

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Funky Exercise Videos

Hours of interactive playing!

PDF Text material

 Over 200 pages included!
Available in both Bass Clef and Bb Treble Clef

Constructive Lessons

Challenging Lessons and Exercises

Personal guidance!

Need advice? Contact me!


What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

I'll show you ways of improving aspects of your playing using jazz and funk as the framework. We'll also work on a lot of the unspoken and not so obvious nuance that will help transform the way you play. I give demonstrations of all of the exercises and perform alongside you as you take your journey. It's like having having a teacher in the room, right beside you!
Open to all trombone players. The tools you'll learn here will give you an understanding of the essential foundations needed for playing as either a soloist or section player in jazz & funk. 

How do I choose my courses?

I would advise starting with 'Essential Groove Articulation' to give you the foundations of the 'language'.
Alternatively, you can have a look through the previews available on the course list and choose the ones you feel are right for you. 
If you're in need of  guidance or advise I'll be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

If I enroll to a course, how long do I have access to it?

Once enrolled, you'll have full access to your chosen course in perpetuity. Log in whenever you feel like!

Is there a trial period available for the courses?

Unfortunately not. However, for signing up you'll get a FREE Bundle with taster lessons from all courses.

Can I sign up to more than 1 course at a time?

Yes you can! Each one covers a different area of funky trombone playing, covering topics including rhythm and timing exercises, articulations and even a course where we can play together!

Are online 'One-to-One' private lessons available with you?

Yes they are! A more personalised lesson gives you the advantage of immediate assessment and quicker learning.
Please message me for details:
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