Working with embellishments & effects

14 Lessons

"It's not enough to simply play the notes. To make the sound we know as funky-trombone, it's important to learn the language of funk, including utilising embellishments and effects.
Here, I'll show you an 'all-new' way of working with them, giving you the tools to add to your tool-bag!
Inside you'll find 
lessons incorporating ways of using:
Rhythmic Scoops
Dead Notes in funk phrasing
Vibrato Lip Buzzes Soloing dynamics 
Space within phrases Combination embellishments
Funky Loop examples to play along with... and MUCH MORE!

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Locking into the Groove!

32 Lessons

A timing top-up!
Here, we'll practice sitting in the groove and keeping good time, one of the most important aspects of funk playing!
Working in conjunction with funky articulations, we'll look at:

  • Articulation and swing
  • Note Production & time   
  • Reading rhythms
  • Recognising feel  
    Looking to improve your groove? This course will help you!

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Funk videos with band

Play some authentic funk grooves!
Here I've constructed a total of 8 of my compositions, where we play together with the funkiest backing band behind us!
  • We'll both play lead and harmonies.
  • We'll improvise together, trading 4 or 8 bars each!
  • Here you can put into practice everything you've been learning!
  • PDF's downloadable in both bass & Bb treble clef.

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