"Are you ready to become a FUNKIER trombone player?                                      You've come to the right place!"
"A fantastic trombone course with an easy to follow layout.
The various courses offer well thought out progression with a nice balance between jazz/funk techniques, theory, groove and feel.
My students love to play along with the clear videos and funky tunes while improving their jazz vocabulary.
Any course that gets you playing like Dennis Rollins is a winner!"
— Felix, Music                                Development Leader
"Amazing! I have been waiting for a resource like this for years. I am so excited to be able to access Dennis's brilliant teaching style and extensive knowledge in my own time and at my own pace.
The videos are well produced and easy to follow. Huge shout out for providing Bb parts too! Can't wait to work through them all. I'm really excited to practice again. THANK YOU!!"
— Sally, trombone
"Great course, learning so much in the first course. Going to have to do some shedding. Some great content. Thanks for sharing your craft Dennis!"
— Niall, trombone
"Funky trombone community... What's not to love!"
— Phil, trombone

" I'll give you all the tools you'll need to feel confident when you hit the stage!" Dennis Rollins MBE

Interactive Videos 

Feelin' stuck? I'll show you fresh ways of working it all out! Here, you'll learn subtle nuances that make your playing sound more professional... and I'll be right by your side while you're doin' it!

Unique Learning Paths

... with fun & challenging courses that will help improve your overall technique, ultimately giving you the confidence to shine in performance.

Which course is right for you?

Courses are for beginner/ intermediate players who want to learn some funky stuff!... but there are also more advanced lessons in there. Simply, choose the ones you feel are right for you!

Full band scores!

Be sure to checkout theBand Scores page. There you'll find trombone/ funk arrangements for (2/3 even 4!) 'bones and rhythm section. 
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Welcome to Funkytrombone!

Start your learning journey and become a funkier 'bone player!

Here's a taste of one of many interactive play-a-long videos. Come and 'Feel The Funk!'

Play melodies together on this 'end of course play-a-long'...
Get the breakdown!  You play lead and then we can trade solos! (PDF's available in both Bass and Bb treble clefs) 
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    "WhAT THE FuNK?!?!!"
         Podcast Series
         Coming soon!!

I'll be talking with some of the biggest names in trombone playing... covering a wide range of trombone related topics.  

We'll also be in conversation, looking at the really important stuff... connecting our love of music - with life, it includes:

  • A WORK/LIFE BALANCE (Music is NOT my life!)
  • PERFORMANCE ANXIETY (How to overcome it...)
  • F.O.M.O (Fear of missing out)

    ... and much more! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
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